Real rights (Rights in rem) and property (Real estate)

Ownership, easement and mortgages, among other aspects, are real rights (rights in rem) whose primary characteristic is that the holder has the power to obtain exclusive economic advantages over an asset, normally property, in relation to other persons.

I provide advice on all matters relating to property law, rights in rem and land law, including the usufructuary rights and obligations and the delimitation of rights of way.

I accompany and/or represent my clients wherever they need my services, including the notary’s office and the land registry office to obtain and register public deeds, and to general meetings of your local property owners’ association.

I represent my clients in court and out-of-court proceedings relating to the right to property and rights in rem to defend my clients’ best interests, including exercising the right to claim, declaration of ownership and negatory action.

Right in rem of property/ownership.

Right in rem of mortgage.

Right in rem of pledge.

Right in rem of antichresis.

Right in rem of easement.

Right in rem of usufruct.

Right in rem of use and habitation.

Right in rem of land.

Right in rem of overhang and construction.

Right to claims.

Declaration of ownership.

Denial of ownership.


Boundary and delineation disputes/claims.

Possession claims.

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