Juvenile criminal law

Las Persons between 14 and 17 years of age, although legally minors are criminally liablefor the crimes they have allegedly committed and, consequently, could face the penalties established for each crime by Spanish Organic Law 5/2000, 12 January, governing juvenile criminal law.

I provide advice on all matters relating to juvenile criminal law, including the allocation of civil liabilities to the legal guardians of the minor in questions derived from the crime they allegedly committed.

I provide my clients with legal support during police visits and represent them in all juvenile criminal court proceedings to defend their best interests and the interests of their minor child(ren).

Assistance during police visits.

Representation with an expert legal team.

Representation in all legal proceedings in defence of the minor.

Representation in all legal proceedings in defence of the civil party responsible for the offence allegedly committed by the minor.

Precautionary and/or provisional measures.

Sentence execution enforcement.

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