Banking law

Banking law is the body of legal rules that governs the relationship between financial institutions and their customers. Financial and banking institutions have the legal obligation to market their products and services in a transparent manner to make customers aware at all times of the scope and consequences of the product contracted.

I provide advice on all matters relating to banking law, including the study of your mortgage deed to identify any abusive clauses.

I handle out-of-court negotiations with financial institutions on behalf of my clients for all types of operations, including payment in kind on mortgaged properties and applications for social renting.

I represent my clients in all court and out-of-court proceedings relating to banking law to defend their best interests, including actions for claiming abusive interest on revolving credit cards.

Code of good banking practice.

Revolving loans, credits and credit cards.

Unfair terms in personal loan contracts.

Unfair terms in mortgage loan contracts.

Interest rate limitation clause or floor clause.

Default interest clause.

Remuneration interest clause.

IRPH clause.

Early maturity clause.

Commission clause.

Expenses clause.

Action for nullity of abusive clauses.

Judicial foreclosure proceedings.

Payment in kind.

Social renting.

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