Civil procedural law

Civil procedural law is the branch of procedural law whose purpose is to establish the legal rules governing the jurisdiction, competence, exercise of legal actions and processing of civil proceedings.

I provide advice on all matters relating to civil procedural law, including the most appropriate means of providing evidence to defend my clients claims and advise them on the suitability of requesting precautionary measures.

I represent my clients in all civil court proceedings to defend their best interests, both in declaratory and executive proceedings, at all stages of the process and in courts of first and second instance, as well as before the Supreme Court.

Ordinary proceedings.

Verbal proceedings.

Payment order procedure.

Exchange proceedings.

Voluntary jurisdiction.

Enforcement procedure for judicial titles.

Non-judicial enforcement proceedings.

Provisional enforcement proceedings.

Precautionary measures.

Provisional measures.

Interlocutory injunctions.

Preliminary hearings.


Appeal for reconsideration.

Appeal for review.

Appellate procedure.

Cassation appeal.

Extraordinary appeal for breach of procedure.

Appeal in the interest of the law.

Complaint resort.

Drafting and presentation of legal claims.

Drafting and presentation of appeals.

Drafting and presentation of all types of writs.

Representation at courts and tribunals for proceedings and/or hearings.

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