Parental rights, guardianship and custody

The Parental rights refer to the body of law on the inalienable rights and obligationsheld by parents in relation to their minor children. Guardianship and custody refer to the body of legal rules that regulate the way in which parents should relate to their minor children after the cessation of cohabitation, an issue that must be addressed with the utmost prudence, sincerity and responsibility.

I provide advice on all matters relating to parental rights, guardianship and custody of minor children after the cessation of cohabitation, the dissolution of marriage or domestic partnership, including the choice of sole or shared custody and the determination of the amount of child maintenance to be paid.

I negotiate and draft mutual custody agreements and obtain the required documentation, such as birth certificates.

I represent my clients in all court and out-of-court proceedings relating to parental rights and custody of minor children to defend their best interests and the interests of their minor children, including the modification of paternal-filial measures.

Action for deprivation of parental rights.

Guardianship and custody by mutual agreement.

Contentious custody and guardianship.

Exclusive custody and guardianship.

Joint custody and guardianship.

Child support claims.

Extraordinary expenses claims.

Modification of definitive measures.

Sentence enforcement of custody and guardianship.

Sentence enforcement of child support.

Sentence enforcement for extraordinary expenses.

Sentence enforcement for modification of definitive measures.

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