Right to a legal defence

The right to a legal defence, enshrined in Article 24 of the Spanish Constitution, states that every person, from the moment of their arrest or from the moment they are a victim of crime, has the right to legal assistance and a trial with the legal guarantees that safeguard against their defencelessness.

I provide advice on all matters relating to criminal law, criminal legal proceedings, the right to a legal defence and effective legal protection, from any position, whether as a detainee, as a person under investigation, as a civil party or as an injured party and/or victim of crime, including calculating the compensation that may correspond to you as a victim and the procedure for the cancellation of criminal and police records.

I accompany and support my clients during police visits and represent them in all criminal law proceedings to defend their best interests, both in the exercise of the right to expert legal defence for those under investigation, and in the exercise of the right to bring a private prosecution by victims and/or injured parties of all types of crimes.




Libel and slander.

Threatening behaviour.


Illegal detention and kidnapping.

Sexual aggression.

Sexual abuse.

Sexual harassment.

Indecent exposure and sexual provocation.


Corruption of minors.

Gender-based violence.

Domestic violence.

Failure to provide a duty of care.

Offence against personal honour and dignity.

Discovery and revelation of secrets.

Breaking and entering.

Abandonment of the family.

Child abduction.



Robbery with force and theft with violence and/or intimidation.



Concealment of information.

Arbitrary execution of the law by one’s own hands.

False accusation, denunciation, and simulation of crimes.

False testimony.

Breach of sentence.

Disloyal and/or improper administration/management.


Punishable insolvency.

Handling stolen goods.

Money laundering.

Documentation forgery.

Fraudulent misappropriation of electricity and similar offences.

Drug trafficking.

Alcohol abuse.

Reckless driving and driving without a licence.

Disobedience to authority.

Public disorder.

Illegal possession of weapons.

Attacking the authorities.

Membership of a criminal organisation or group.

Offences against intellectual property.

Offences against industrial property.

Offences against the market and consumers.

Offences against workers’ rights.

Offences against the Public Treasury and Social Security.

Offences against the Public Administration.

Offences against urban planning.

Offences against historic and cultural heritage.

Offences against natural resources and the environment.

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