Criminal law

Criminal law is the branch of law that establishes what behaviour is classified as a crime and what punishment should be enforced for committing each crime. It is the most emphatic manifestation of ius puniendi, the punitive power of the State or its right to punish, which is intimately related to the right to a legal defence, the fundamental, inherent and absolute right of each and every person in society. .

I have over 10 years’ experience in providing comprehensive advice and representing my clients, including detainees, those under investigation, minors and those civilly responsible for an alleged crime in criminal court proceedings to uphold their right to an expert legal defence. I also represent clients who have been victims and/or injured parties of crimes to uphold their right to present a legal prosecution in cases of crimes against persons, crimes against freedom, crimes against sexual freedom, crimes against privacy, crimes against personal honour and dignity, crimes against property, financial crimes and crimes against collective security among many other types of crimes.


Right to a legal defence.

Gender-based violence.

Juvenile criminal law.

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