Inheritance law (Law of succession)

Inheritance law is the branch of civil law that governs the legal framework regarding a person’s rights, assets and liabilities and their distribution on their death.

I provide advice on all aspects of inheritance law, such as choosing the optimal legal formula for expressing your will after your death.

I execute wills manage intestate and testate inheritances, and act on my clients’ behalf to obtain the official declaration of heirs and/or acceptance of inheritance.

I represent my clients in all court and out-of-court proceedings relating to inheritance law to defend their best interests, including inheritance partition actions, inheritance claims and recovery of legitimate inheritance claims.

Death without a will.

Declaration of heirs.

Acceptance of inheritance.

Out-of-court inheritance claims.

Out-of-court legitimate inheritance claims.

Legitimate will disputes.

Out-of-court legacy claims.

Inheritance petition action.

Legitimate share claim action.

Inheritance claim action.

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