Gender-based violence

Violence against women is considered one of the most ferocious, inhuman and cruel manifestation of inequality that still exists in the 21st century between men and women. Gender-based violence is violence exercised by men exclusively directed against women or girls specifically because they are female and, therefore, judged by their aggressors as persons without rights.

I provide advice to victims on all matters concerning gender-based violence, including the consequences of granting and breaching a restraining order and the allocation of the use of the shared domicile.

I accompany and support my clients during police visits and represent them in all criminal court proceedings to exercise their right to a legal defence as women who have suffered gender violence.

Assistance during police visits.

Representation in court.

Defence of the victim of gender-based violence in criminal court proceedings.

Protection orders.

Civil and criminal precautionary measures.

Sentence execution enforcement.

Separation and/or divorce.

Guardianship and custody of minor children.

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