Law of damages (Tort law)

The law of damages (tort law) is a body of legal rules whose purpose is to mitigate and repair losses and damages caused to a person and/or their property as a result of faulty or negligent action or omission by another person.

I provide advice on all matters relating to the consequences of having suffered a traffic accident or medical negligence, including calculating the compensation amount that may correspond to you.

I handle the corresponding negotiations with insurance companies and the hiring of experts in each field.

I represent my clients in court and out-of-court proceedings relating to the law of damages (tort law) and non-contractual civil liability claims to defend their best interests, including undertaking actions for compensation for damages.

Traffic accidents.

Accidents on public footpaths (walkways).

Medical malpractice.

Domestic accidents.

Accidents at work.

Out-of-court compensation claims.

Non-contractual civil liability claims.

Damages claims.

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